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Camping Bucaneve

Immersed in the heart of the valley Maudagna, at Frabosa Sottana,in the province of Cuneo.
The campsite Bucaneve is an oasis of peace and relaxation located in the center of the 3 large ski areas of Prato Nevoso , Artesina and Frabosa Soprana.
In the summer, you can have fun with walks and hikes on the beautiful Alps in the mountains and much more!
In the campsite, you will find a family-friendly, child-friendly setting with a large playground, swimming pool, ping pong, soccer field,tennis court and beach volley.
Located at an hour's journey from Torino to Savona and Genova, the snowdrop is therefore in a convenient and strategic location for tourists who want to find peace and quiet a few miles from home .
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Camping Bucaneve

Place to visit


Distric of Mondolè
(Artesina / Frabosa Sottana / Prato Nevoso)

The ski area Mondolè - Artesina/Frabosa Soprana/Prato Nevoso is located in the province of Cuneo (Italia, Piemonte). For skiing and snowboarding there are 105,3 km tracks. 24 plants carry skiers.The winter sports area is at an altitude between 807 e i 2.085 m...... Read more


Caves of the Caudano
(Frabosa Sottana)

The caudal caves were discovered in december 1898 during the construction of the reservoir for the aqueduct of Frabosa Sottana. It was intended to use the source that just came out of the cliff to get lost in the torrent Maudagna after a few tens of meters. Read more


Caves of the Bossea
(Frabosa Soprana)

The Bossea cave constitutes the terminal sector of a large karst system that develops in the watershed Maudagna-Corsaglia, between the lawn of Prato Nevoso and the creek Corsaglia, in the municipality of Frabosa Soprana province to Cuneo to 836 m. di quota; fra le più belle ed importanti grotte turistiche italiane per varietà di concrezioni, grandiosità d'ambienti ricchezza d'acqua e laghi sotterranei. Read more


Caves of the Dossi
(Villanova Mondovì)

A wonder of nature returned to new life thanks to the wise arrangement of light bems that exalt the beauty of concretion and make them appear in all their splendor, discreet and solemn.Unseen aspects of this underground maze is a spectacular succession of corridors and halls decorated with polycrystalline concretes from the most amazing shades.... Read more

Camping Bucaneve



Open from mid June to 31st August for adults and children.


In any daytime it is possible to use any pedal medium.

Beach Volley

Ideal for those who want to keep fit.

Soccer field

Ideal for those who want to keep fit..

Grilled space

A barbecue area for preparing grills....


Children can play in peace.


Fresh brioches every day!

Showers area

Hot water to wash

Dogs area

Area reserved for the best friends of man.


Train all year round and partecipate in tournaments.

Table tennis

Train all year round and partecipate in tournaments.


To coins.

Camping Bucaneve


Camping Bucaneve


Camping Bucaneve